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Are you looking for an experienced B2B writer to produce high-quality copy? Stuff that you can count on will be well-reported, accurate and specifically targeted for your subscribers? If so, drop me a line. I’m an experienced B2B writer with experience in newsletters, blogging, and digital training products — and targeting copy at specific readerships.

Areas of expertise include: employment law, legal and regulatory compliance, general business management, safety, HR, and Information Technology.

Contact info:

Mountain View Editorial Services
220 Arbor Road
Lehighton, PA  18235
Landline: 610-379-4149

Update in 2014: Wrap up and new position announcement

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In October 2013, I began a full-time job. I am VP/editorial director of SharedXpertise Media, LLC, a B2B publisher of three magazines and several e-publications, the management company for two associations, and event host for several conferences. As of October 2014, I celebrated one year at SharedXpertise. I can say, without a doubt, it was the fastest year of my life. Zipped by.

I freelanced full-time for almost exactly four years. In that time, I was blessed with several reliable clients, especially Business 21 Publishing, Rapid Learning Institute, Principal Investigators Association, and HR Learning Center. I also was honored to contribute to Renew Everyday during its launch, as well as produce a educational course for Distance Learning Systems, and produce sales conference videos for a B2B company. It was an exhilarating time, but not without its challenges.

The upsides: Meeting new clients, learning new business, and producing new products. Without a doubt. I worked on the launch of more than a dozen publications/periodicals during this time, and worked across the entire gamut of channels. It was truly an honor and I felt enormously blessed. The downsides: Chasing invoices.

Meanwhile, the full-time job is going very well … let’s hope for another breakout year in 2015!

Onward and upward!

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Rapid Learning Insights

In the past year, I have launched a flagship newsletter for the Rapid Learning Institute. It’s called Rapid Learning Insights.

It’s a newsletter that features useful insights for B2B trainers gleaned from the latest neuroscience, cognitive psychology and other education-based research.

A recent sample is attached here. Insights13


B2B copy

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Just a quick update: It’s been a busy last 14 months. Launched three B2B newsletters — I currently write them and edit two more, ghostwrite blog posts, do weekly editorial consulting, and occasionally assist a web-based startup that’s going gangbusters.

I’ve been very grateful for these opportunities.

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Welcoming a new client

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I have a new B2B client, this one a pair of entrepreneurs in the finance consulting industry. I’ll be handling a larger project as well as some Web-based copywriting.


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2011 update

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My two largest clients just offered me one-year contracts.

I was named editor-in-chief (as a contractor) for Principal Investigator Advisor and PI eAlert.

I was also hired back, as a contractor, for a publication I launched five years ago, Occupational Health & Safety 21.

I will also be handling assorted editing assignments for those clients.

That doesn’t mean 2011 is booked up — I have a network of top-notch business writers and reporters I can call upon to assist, and I can make time for new clients, especially if you need someone who can turn tough technical material into highly readable copy.

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Repeat assignment = got it right the first time

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Been blessed with plenty of work — since March. Now, a new client.

Renew Everyday, a Chicago-based consumer magazine, assigned me to do a health-related piece. They liked it — and just assigned me another. In the business world, repeat assignment = good, hassle-free job the first time.

Meanwhile, my other clients are increasing their regular, ongoing assignments to Mountain View Editorial Services as well. Plus, assorted one-off assignments when these clients want something new or different done correctly the first time and with minimal instruction.

Onward and upward!

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What makes us different — digging deeper

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Assignments keep coming in from my major clients. By early July I had maxed out my personal time, so I’ve added a part-time assistant. If things keep going the way they’re going, she’ll be full-time before you know it.

Right now we’re focusing heavily on regulatory compliance issues and grant-writing articles for PIs and e-learning products for business executives.

The strategy of zigging when others zagged, focusing on reporting as the irreplaceable, fundamental element of first-rate editorial services, combined with embracing new technological channels but not pretending the rules of communication have changed, is working.

The bottom line right now is this: No one wants to do reporting — writers just want to regurgitate what others say on the Internet and try to pass that off as their work. Or they take the first plausible answer and call that reporting.

Here at Mountain View, we’ll make the calls, dig deep, push sources, and get to the bottom of the issue for you. Then present the result as actionable advice based on real-life experiences and answers from experts.

For example, we recently saw a FAQ on NIH’s OLAW Web site. It was unclear jargon and communicated little. We could have passed on the obfuscated government-speak to our readers — instead we called and pushed the staffers there for an answer. They ended up rewriting their Web site’s FAQ based on our take. That’s the difference between real reporting and repurposing existing, free Web content.

If you’d like to try out Mountain View Editorial Services, shoot me an email, particularly about long-term projects.

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